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Peace Operations Monitor is a project of the Peace Operations Working Group (POWG), a working group of Peacebuild - The Canadian Peacebuilding Network. It is a web-based resource providing up-to-date information on complex peace operations. The website offers an "integrated mission perspective," i.e. compiling information on the governance arrangements as well as military, civilian, police, humanitarian, diplomatic, and other components of current peace operations.

Phase 1 - Afghanistan: Funding for the first phase was provided by the World Federalist Movement - Canada (WFM-C), POWG and the University of Calgary's Centre for Military and Strategic Studies (CMSS). Lara Olson and Dave Peabody at CMSS carried out research for the Afghanistan section.

Phase 2 - Haiti: Funding for the second phase was provided by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and POWG. The research team for the Haiti section included Isabelle Fortin, Eunide Louis, Sonia Bouffard and Stephen Baranyi.

Phase 3 - Sudan: Funding for the third phase was provided by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and POWG. The research team for the Sudan section included Mike MacKinnon, Greg Mitchell, Susan Soux and Frits Bontekoe.

Phase 4 Updating: Funding for fourth phase of this project was provided by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT).  Researchers included Mike MacKinnon, Frits Bontekoe, Isabelle Fortin, Francis Sales and Peter Langille.

Peacebuild - The Canadian Peacebuilding Network promotes a vibrant and robust Canadian peacebuilding constituency in the interest of advancing just and lasting peace internationally. The organization facilitates peacebuilding and human security policy dialogue and policy development involving Canadian non-governmental and governmental agencies and individuals and others; enables active collaboration and knowledge exchange between Canadian peacebuilding organizations and their international counterparts; and undertakes systematic learning as well as the dissemination and application of learning related to peacebuilding objectives, practices and outcomes.

The Peace Operations Working Group provides a platform for the engagement of Canadian individuals and civil society organizations on issues related to complex peace operations. The Working Group is coordinated by Clare Morris, who currently manages the Peace Operations Monitor project. For comments on this website you can reach her at


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